About me

And then the miracle happened. It could have been around 1986. This miracle took place as a natural process at the time, I didn’t fence him big butts, it just turned out that way. It turned out that I found my profession, ceramics. The smell and touch of clay (the most elementary material of all archaic cultures is clay), the atmosphere and milieu of the pottery workshop, the real encounter with the five elements determined my destiny. I have come to know the true love that has embraced me to this day and gives energies that are timeless. Sure, there were exhibitions and accolades that were fleeting and just ego-caressing, they seemed important then, but who remembers them! But what really matters is fresh and alive to this day, such as the joy of the process of creation (an exciting journey of discovery), 18 years of pottery education, the joys of disciples, development in every way. These things, among other things, provide a beneficial, flexible framework for my life, and for that I can only be grateful. A modest piece of advice! Add to your boot list that you sit there at least once on a disc and feel the clay spin between your hands!